About Reterms

Reterms is about simplifying complex grocery trading terms and streamlining processes using highly scalable DLT/blockchain technology to help build a shared services platform to reorganize and reinvent back end retail processes.

This shared service platform will power a marketplace portal where a unified retail community can review and settle their account payable positions as well as taking advantage of solutions from FinTech partners such as invoice factoring.

These platforms enable Reterms to protect future profits by delivering real time profit recovery.

Why Reterms

Despite tremendous growth, the modern retail market is plagued by pain points relating to complexity of trading terms, a lack of transparency with those trading terms and legacy enterprise systems operating within silos.

The risk from complexity coupled within these legacy systems in the grocery sector is real and ongoing as highlighted by Auditors E&Y in Tesco and Unilever annual reports.

Reterms is being created to help retail communities address industry pain points avoiding the considerable duplication of effort, at great collective expense and opportunity cost, amounting to millions of dollars.

The People Behind Reterms

  • The co-founders are Barry Shalley and Patrick J Hopper who collectively they have over 50 years of modern retail experience in a variety of C-Suite roles.
  • Their approach to business is based upon applying practical wisdom and are comfortable with handling the trust of considerable resources to get the job done.
  • Reterms is a platform for Barry and Patrick to migrate their digital knowledge into Smart Contracts, into DLT/blockchain generally and consolidate an industry platform.
  • They understand fully what needs to be captured, how it will be treated and the results expected including managing the cultural issues, meaning they have considerable experience in putting the pieces together off-blockchain; and are now seeking to transfer those experiences on-blockchain.

Patrick Hopper


Barry Shalley


Journey to Date

As industry experts, Reterms has spent considerable time understanding the core criteria needed for a DLT/Blockchain platform to gain acceptance as a credible option for the industry to adopt and thereby optimising the value of shared services and marketplace platforms.

The Founders have considerable experience resolving industry pain points off-blockchain and are now seeking to transfer those digital experiences onto-blockchain to help the modern retail industry adopt and adapt to, more efficient technologies.

Reterms’ Founders have achieved the following to date:

  • Learned where DLT/blockchain makes sense;
  • Assessed how to leverage DLT/blockchain strengths;
  • Evaluated the Reterms’ use case for viability, alignment with business and ability to deliver benefits;
  • Already tested profit recovery POC, Profit protection means institutionalising the operating structure;
  • Understand the retail community operating models and need for governance;
  • Understand the existing functional, operating and technical architecture of these operating models;
  • Understand existing business operating constraints and needs to remedy; and
  • Designed rollout strategy interacting with legacy systems and data repositories.

Within the modern grocery industry, Reterms will be the catalyst for many blockchain related strategies:

  • Identifying use cases/business processes;
  • Developing monetization approaches that support a shared data model; and
  • Providing a marketplace that enables the modern retail/grocery industry to benefit from other services.

Reterms is now in a position to confidently design, develop, institutionalise and engage the retail community with its shared services and marketplace portal concepts.

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To learn more about reterms please contact the Co-founders on barryshalley@reterms.io or patrickhopper@reterms.io